Events and Conferences
Events and conferences can require months of preparation from the planning phase onwards. In fact, the preparations are often more nerve-wracking than the big day itself! Handling all the preparations along with normal business operations is a heavy burden for any company. Basic key operations can suffer as a result.

JTB Professional Service for Events and Conferences

  • Let JTB India serve you as your one- stop shop for every aspect of your events or conferences. Our services extend from venue related tasks, such as booking venues and running meetings to venue peripheral work such as arranging accommodation for participants, providing access and transfers to the venue and organising sightseeing tours during free time.
  • By relying on JTB India, you can dramatically reduce your workload from the preparation phase onwards while enhancing quality from planning to execution.

Examples of Events and Conferences

In-house kick-off meetings / Inauguration ceremonies /
Anniversary events (10th anniversary of the opening of a branch office, etc.) /
Incentive parties and awards ceremonies for outstanding dealerships / Workshops for sales outlets /Exhibitions / Regional-head meetings / International conferences and symposiums etc.

One-Stop JTB Services for Events and Conferences

One Example from Our Extensive Track Record

JTB India planned and managed the opening ceremony of a plant in India for Company A, a major Japanese-affiliated company. In addition to erecting a temporary stage and handling the ceremonies at the plant, we organised a party for 400 people at The Leela Palace with dignitaries from the Embassy of Japan and Government of India among the invited guests. As required for the opening ceremony, we coordinated the support in both Japan and India for the visit of the Japanese parent company’s chairman. After the ceremony ended, we arranged a trip to Kashmir by private jet.

Motivating employees or promoting sales to retail outlets and business partners
Incentive Tours
Team-building across different departments and nationalities
Company Tours
Reducing workload in handling events and conferences across a large organisation
Events and Conferences
Supporting a safe and stress-free stay in India for your VIPs
VIP Services
Reducing the workload in handling business travel on a frequent basis or for large number of people
Business Travel Solutions