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Achieve the highest ROI.
Boost Savings and
Compliance in corporate

Tomoyuki Okagawa

ー Managing Director

At JTB, we value integrity, transparency,
and accountability as we have learned in the business for over 110 years that these values are essential to building strong and long-term relationships with our corporate clients and ensuring their satisfaction.

JTB began as a company that supported the travel industry in Japan. However, we have transformed into a company that is truly attuned to the needs of our clients, offering flexible and diverse solutions to corporate clients globally.

JTB India MD Tomoyuki Okagawa

As we are committed to never give up on challenges and to building the trust of our clients.
In India, our main business focus is Strategic Meeting Management (SMM),where our clients achieve their external and internal goals through a strategic approach to their meetings and events.

SMM is a type of meeting planning process that focuses on consistency, cost-cutting, and communication. It is designed to provide greater structure to meetings and events while also reducing the time and money spent on planning them.

We are committed to our customers' benefits

Save time

Estimated savings ranging from 10-25% 


48% higher compliance rate, Mitigating risks across contracting, supplier management, and payment practices


63% improvement in ROI measurement Time and resource savings achieved through driving efficiencies. The removal of duplication and confusion through use of a systematic approach

Simplicity and flexibility make it effortless for clients to achieve the highest return on event (ROE) by streamlining all processes and optimizing the costs associated with strategic management.

Let us work for you, and you will gain better visibility and control of your processes, spending and data while reducing costs and strategically approaching how your meetings are managed.

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