As the India market grows in importance more company presidents, directors and other VIPs are visiting India. Yet, India can be a frustrating destination for uninitiated. For the personnel stationed in India, welcoming such dignitaries is a major task. Ensuring your VIPs of a stress-free visit can be a daunting task, with countless details to manage.

JTB Professional Service for VIP Services

  • As a seasoned provider of VIP services backed by many years of experience, JTB India assures VIPs of satisfaction and peace of mind, with careful attention to the finest details.
  • In partnership with airline companies and other affiliated organisations, JTB India provides solid support on every front including smooth transfers, hotel check-ins, arranging meals and more.
  • JTB India’s services reduce the workload on local staff that accompanies a VIP on a visit to India, so they can concentrate on their core duties.

This service is recommended for:

  • Managing VIP visits to India
  • Arranging excursions during a visit to India
  • Catering to the domestic travel needs of family when VIPs travel to India with their families

VIP Services Combined with Excursions

However busy their schedule may be during a visit to India, VIPs often express a wish to take an excursion with a two-day and one-night trip, such as to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. JTB India is pleased to handle such excursions, including transfers to the sightseeing destination and hotel accommodation, all meeting VIP specifications. Upon request, we can even arrange a private jet.

VIP Services Combined with Social Gatherings

Another common occurrence during a VIP visit to India is the hosting of social gatherings with local suppliers and other related organisations. Added to regular duties is the workload of hosting the VIPs and managing their events, and such social get-togethers can be quite burdensome for local employees. JTB India not only offers support for VIP visits but also event management. Count on JTB India as your one-stop centre for all of the behind-the-scenes work, so you can focus on socialising with your business partners.
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