Business Travel Solutions
When all employees travel is considered, including business trips and leisure trips, a vast amount of time-consuming processing is required. It’s in your interest to minimize that time and effort as much as possible. Now suppose you could save money doing so, wouldn't you be interested?

JTB Professional Service for Business Travel Solutions

  • For Japanese customers, Japanese operators handle all inquiries.
  • A 24-hour hotline is available in the event of trouble during your travels.
  • Family travel can also be arranged, as a way of improving the work environment for employees.
  • By concluding an agreement based on annual volume you can reduce the expenses for individual arrangements. We also offer additional services based on volume.

This service is recommended for:

  • Companies that have a great deal of business travel
  • Companies with travel benefits for expatriates
  • Companies exploring ways of improving the work environment for their employees

The JTB Global Network

Taking holidays to refresh is part of the job. JTB boasts a global network of 361 offices in 95 cities across 35 countries, supporting your stay wherever you travel.

Business Trip Combined with Private Travel

You’ve completed your entire business-trip schedule and naturally you’d like to take it easy for one or two days. If you’d like to complement your business trip with a compensation day or paid leave, JTB can issue invoices that clearly separate the business trip from your personal leisure travel.

Motivating employees or promoting sales to retail outlets and business partners
Incentive Tours
Team-building across different departments and nationalities
Company Tours
Reducing workload in handling events and conferences across a large organisation
Events and Conferences
Supporting a safe and stress-free stay in India for your VIPs
VIP Services
Reducing the workload in handling business travel on a frequent basis or for large number of people
Business Travel Solutions