Company Tours
Different departments, different countries, different perspectives. Breaking down the barriers these differences create, requires communication. So get away from the office! Now a days company tour is attracting renewed interest as a powerful team-building tool.

JTB Professional Service for Company Tours

  • JTB India draws on a wealth of information accumulated through its global network of branch offices and partners to serve a diverse range of customer needs.
  • JTB India blends the combined expertise of the travel agencies, event organisers and personnel-training firms in the JTB Group to offer one-stop service.

This service is recommended for:

  • Breaking down the barriers between Japanese staff and local staff
  • Establishing smooth and open communication between supervisors and subordinates
  • Cases in which the number of employees is large and the opportunities to personally interact with them is limited
Company Tours Combined with Workshops and Games

A typical company-tour schedule consists of sightseeing in the area during the day, followed by a banquet and some sort of entertainment for the employees in the evening. In recent years, however, features such as workshops and games are increasingly added to the agenda. For example, a company tour may include a workshop in which Japanese and Indian employees work together to solve a problem, thereby fostering smooth and open exchange of ideas.

Company Tours Combined with Observation Events

You’ve gone through the trouble of gathering your employees and taking them somewhere far away. Naturally you’ll want to seize the opportunity to broaden their horizon in some way. An increasing number of companies are doing this by including observation events in their company tours. For example, participate in an international trade fair in Singapore, or take a learning tour of Turkey which like India is countering the uncertainty in Europe through rapid growth in its internal market. These are some of the ways we can devise a company tour that observes the global market with India as a reference point.

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Company Tours
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